Practical - 9th and 10th Day

By Nurul Nabilah Zakaria - 1:16:00 PM


9th Day of practical semester

I've caught sleep in the office by The Boss!!!! Superb embarrassed!!! While I was sleeping, I listened some music from my phone. Then, I don't know The Boss come that time. To me, it is great timing to The Boss know what I'm doing early morning! Yeah, GREAT TIMING. After I recognized that was The Boss, quickly wake up. The Boss with 'selamba' face sitting in front of me and give me some work want to do. He told me after Ramadhan, The Boss will bring me the site and jeng jeng jeng! I don't know. Hahahaha. Silly me.

10th day of practical semester

A silent office only me. Come the office and do the yesterday's work. After The Boss caught me slept in the office, I promised to myself I'll never sleep again in the office. But, that day it's such boring day. I draw then, no idea, I played the game at my pendrive. Silly me. And did same thing again. Ugh! Too bored! But, I've done finished my drawing that day. The Driver ask me that I've done my work or not. I told not until 4.15 p.m.. After packing up my things, close the office and say farewell to the office even no one in there.


nota chumel: Al-Fatihah kepada mangsa MH0017 dan mangsa peperangan di Gaza. May Allah bless the in great month, Ramadhan.

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