Practical - 11th Day

By Nurul Nabilah Zakaria - 10:31:00 PM


11th day of practical semester

That girl not coming accompany her mum and disturbing me?! Miracles happen! But, I miss her voice actually. Hahahaha. Today's works, repair my drawing and colour the plan and perspective. The Boss not coming a whole day. Baru nak minta cuti raya. It's okay, tomorrow have a day. Hope The Boss come the office. I really want he give me a sign for my MC. That guy, Najmudin disturbing a whole day. But, I can smile with that disturbing but not for that clerk's daughter. I can do my work peacefully finally. Have to face another day for tomorrow =)


nota chumel: Can't wait D.O EXO's drama, It's Okay, It's Love. #wait_for_23_July

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