Practical - 8th Day

By Nurul Nabilah Zakaria - 11:31:00 PM


8th day. Terpaksa taip bernombor pulak. Dah tak ingat dalam perkataan. I'm not good in English. Back to the topic. Like always. Come to office, sit, continue yesterday's drawing, colouring, go back home. Such boring things! But, I do. I do love my job. Now, slowly, I'm interesting with drawing. Thanks to The Boss who gave me this job =) .

Today, that kid wore same colour shirt with me, PURPLE! Didn't expect that!

That was me and that kid. Pretty cute huh? But, she very naughty! Always disturbing me while to do my work. Talkative person. When she come and see me, pot pet pot pet! But, I force myself to hear what she saying. My head gonna spin when heard she talk. Ugh! She's totally cute! Don't know what to say. Good night!


nota chumel: watching Roommate! KangYeol Travel Agency. Kyeopta!

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